The research environment of the Center for Applied Quantum Technology is unique in the world: nowhere else are research areas so closely interwoven, is there such a density of high-precision and laser laboratories, cleanrooms, physical, and chemical laboratories, which are complemented by office and communication areas for innovative nanophotonic quantum sensors. Architecturally, too, the building elegantly links the individual areas with each other, while structurally they are precisely separated and shielded from disturbing external influences.
[Photo: R.Stöhr]

Precision- and Laser-Labs

Enabling precision measurements is a core mission of the center. For those measurements the center provide record-breaking installations for protection against vibration, acoustic, as well as electromagnetic noise. Specifically, the center hosts four dedicated precision laboratories optimized for vibration free measurements. In addition, a laboratory with extensive shielding of magnetic field from DC to some hundred kHz AV was installed.

Schematic picture of the laboratory
Precision Labs


Our up to date ISO 5/7 cleanroom with a size of 458m2 is divided into several areas and is equipped with instrumentation for growth and nanoscale structuring of synthetic quantum matter. In addition, the cleanroom comprise dedicated noise-free compartments for precision structuring and high resolution electron microscopy.


More information and equipment

Physical and chemical laboratories

The center will also provide additional facilities for the growth and follow-up treatment of quantum matter. Among those will be the growth for ultrapure diamond, SiC and other wide band gap quantum materials.

Physical and chemical laboratories
Physical and chemical laboratories

Building facility

The building has a large number of other technical systems, so that the dependant laboratories can be supplied with media such as gases, machine cooling water, ultrapure water, but also purified and conditioned air with extremely precise temperature and humidity requirements.

Gas supply
Gas supply for the clean room and other labs
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