The center will provide cutting edge infrastructure, including an up to date cleanroom with larger than 300m2 size. The clear room will be equipped with instrumentation for nanoscale structuring of synthetic quantum matter. Modern imaging facilities as well as thin film technology is available.

Growth of Quantum Matter

The center will also provide facilities for the growth of quantum matter. Among those will be the growth for ultrapure diamond, SiC and other wide band gap quantum materials. Purification will be against isotope content but also impurity concentration.

Precision Labs

Enabling precision measurements is a core mission of the center. It will this provide record-breaking installations for protection against vibration, acoustic as well as electromagnetic noise. Specifically, the center hosts four dedicated precision laboratories optimized for vibration free measurements. A subset of those will have a dedicated EM isolation.

The cleanroom will comprise dedicated noise-free compartments for precision structuring and high resolution electron microscopy.

In addition, a laboratory with extensive shielding of magnetic field from DC to some hundred kHz AV will be installed.

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