Our up to date ISO 5/7 cleanroom with a size of 458m2 is divided into several areas and is equipped with instrumentation for nanoscale structuring of synthetic quantum matter. In addition, the cleanroom comprise dedicated noise-free compartments for precision structuring and high resolution electron microscopy.

The 200 m² large yellow light area is located directly in the entrance area, which provides an insight into our work through the large window front.

Below you will find a interactiv 3D-Tour through the cleanroom and the available equipement:

New Equipment

Oxford IonFab300
Sample-Picture: Oxford IonFab300

The IonFab300+ from Oxford Instruments is a compact ion beam etch system designed for flexible research, equipped with a 150mm ion source

  • 1200 W 13.56 MHz power with automatic matching unit
  • 4 MFCs for independent use of O2, SF6, Ar and N2 as reactive species
  • Optimized silver nano particles and dielectric inks
  • Resolution: 18 µm (x,y), 10 µm (z)
  • Min. line / space: 75 μm traces / 100 μm spacing
  • Build volume: 160 mm x 160 mm x 3 mm
  • Gentle processing of thermally sensitive materials
  • Minimum line/space: 35 μm / 20 μm
  • Max. layout area (X/Y/Z): 229 mm x 305 mm x 7 mm
  • 515nm / 1.5ps / 8W laser with pulse frequency 50-500 kHz
  • Coating materials Parylene C und N
  • Max. 30µm film thickness
  • 1.6 kW / max. 750 °C



The F&S BONDTEC 53xxBDA is a semi-automatic deep access & Wedge-Ball bonder designed for R&D labs, prototype building. It offers two bond processes in one bond-head: gold ball-bonding and deep-access wedge bonding.

  • Possible wire types: Gold wire 17,5-50µm, Aluminum wire 17,5-75µm, Ribbons from 30x12,5µm up to 250x25µm. Standard wire: 25µm Gold
  • Bondhead Ball-Wedge & Deep-Access for Au & Alu wire standard tool 16mm
  • Freely programmable loop forms, stitch bond and safety-bump-function
  • Programmable bond force 0 - 1800 cN
  • Heated workholder with vacuum and mechanical clamping Ø80mm
  • Integrated heater controller 0-250 °C
  • Programmable linear Z-axis with 60mm stroke
  • Programmable linear Y-axis with 20mm stroke
  • Standard working height: 55 mm
Plasma cleaner
Diener PICO plasma cleaner

The diener PICO plasma cleaner is a tool for surface cleaning, descum and film modification.

    • Fully automated by programmable recipes
    • Vacuum chamber round, borosilicate glass Ø 130 mm, length 300 mm
    • Generator 13.56 MHz, 0-200 W, automatic matching
    • Gas supply by two independent MFCs (standard configuration O2 and air)


Bruker DektakXT
Bruker DektakXT

DektakXT® from Bruker

  • Motorized X/Y stage with 6inches of travel, motorized 360 degree rotation
  • Height measurement range from 1 nm up to 1 mm with programmable tracking forces from 1 mg to 15 mg
  • Scan length up to 200mm
  • 4 angstrom step height repeatability

The DektakXT® stylus profilometer features a revolutionary benchtop design that enables an unmatched repeatability of 4Å and up to 40% improvement in scanning speeds. This major milestone in stylus profiler performance is the culmination of over fifty years of Dektak® innovation and industry leadership. Through its combination of industry firsts, DektakXT delivers the ultimate in performance, ease.


The RAITH VOYAGER is a dedicated high-performance electron beam lithography system.

  • Beam energy 10keV to 50keV
  • 50MHz, 20bit pattern generator
  • Up to 500 µm write fields with real-time dynamic corrections
  • Laser interferometric stage 150mm x 150mm
  • Fully automated writefield calibration based on master sample
  • Automatic focus and stigmator setup
  • Field stitching <= 20 nm ([mean] + 3 sigma)
  • Overlay accuracy <= 20 nm ([mean] + 3 sigma)
  • Sophisticated proximity effect correction software package
  • More than 1 cm²/h writing speed (at 50 % pattern density)

With its innovative architecture VOYAGER allows for a cost-effective "through-the-wall-loading” setup of the e-beam writer. Photo: Raith GmbH 2022



PECVD is a well established technique for deposition of a wide variety of films. Many types of device require PECVD to create high quality passivation or high density masks. Based on the PlasmaPro80 platform from Oxford Instruments, our tool will allow the deposition of silicon nitride and oxide. This system is specifically designed to produce excellent uniformity and high rate films, with control of film properties such as refractive index, stress, electrical characteristics and wet chemical etch rate. The plasma cleaning process with end-point control removes or reduces the need for physical/chemical chamber cleaning.

More information:

 Zeiss Gemini 560 ultrahigh resolution SEM
Zeiss Gemini 560 ultrahigh resolution SEM

We just got our brand new Zeiss Gemini 560 ultrahigh resolution SEM installed (serial number #0001!) with the new Gemini 3 electron optics and an Oxford EDX system. The SEM features sub-nanometer resolution and can even take images in sTEM mode.

This state of the art machine is now available in our new ZAQuant (Center for applied quantum technology) building.

The new ZEISS GeminiSEM delivers more information from any sample, minimizes sample damage and prevents sample artifacts. The GeminiSEM 560 comes with a completely new chamber design, which allows researchers to bring in larger and more samples than before enabling core facilities to now serve many more analytical applications in a single instrument. The unique designs for the ZEISS Gemini electron optical column and a large, flexible new chamber cover all imaging and analytical needs. The larger chamber enables configurability and flexibility to adapt to upcoming research tasks and optimizes analytical workflows. Photo: ZEISS Research Microscopy Solutions

Gemini 560

Leybold UNIVEX 400H

The Leybold UNIVEX 400H is equipped with an electron gun evaporator for deposition of metal thin films

  • Substrate rotary drive with cooling function, 8", 0-20 rpm
  • Standard materials: Cr, Ni, Ag, Au, Ti, Cu, Pt
  • 800mm chamber height for improved lift-off performance
  • Electron gun 8kW, 6-10kV
  • Revolver for 6 liners with 4cm³ each

The DMO-MicroWriter-3 is a high performance direct exposure system specifically designed for easy operation and high-speed exposures. It offers all the capabilities of a traditional Mask Aligner for single layer and multi-layer applications and even overcomes some of the limitations of photomask based exposure technologies. It will eliminate the need for photomasks and shorten development cycles significantly.

Key features:

  • Support for all standard input formats (dxf, gdsii, cif, )
  • Maximum substrate size: 230mm x 230mm x 15mm
  • Maximum writing area: 195mm x 195mm
  • Exposure resolution: 600nm
  • Surface tracking autofocus system
  • Greyscale lithography
  • Alignment microscope objectives: x3, x5, x10, x20
  • Automatic lens changer for exposure resolution and alignmentmicroscope
  • Exposure wavelengths: 365nm and 405nm
  • Overlay alignment accuracy: ±500nm
  • Minimum addressable grid: 100 nm
  • Motion stage minimum XY step size: 20 nm
  • Optical surface profiler Z resolution: 100 nm
  • Automatic wafer inspection tool
  • Virtual Mask Aligner tool
Leica EM CPD300
Leica EM CPD300

The procedure of critical point drying is an efficient method for drying delicate samples. It preserves the surface structure of a specimen which could otherwise be damaged due to surface tension when changing from the liquid to gaseous state. The Leica EM CPD300 is a fully automated critical point dryer.

Key feature:

  • Fully automated, reproducible and controlled processes ensure high sample quality every run
  • Ease of use by intuitive software and integrated touch screen
  • Store and recall drying programs
  • Wide variety of sample holders for all of your sample sizes
  • Integrated liquid waste separator ensures safe and easy disposal of exchange fluid avoiding direct contract with user

The PlasmaPro80 from Oxford Instruments is a parallel plate RIE reactor with a separate ICP source

  • 5 MFCs for independent use of O2, SF6, CF4, Ar and N2 as reactive species
  • Up to 100W 13.56 MHz RF power
  • Up to 600W 13.56 MHz ICP power
  • Substrate cooling down to -20°C

ContourX-200 from Bruker

  • Measurement modi: White light interferometry (VSI – vertical scanning interferometry), USI (measurement mode with automatic algorithm adjustment according to the sample texture) and phase-shifting interferometry (PSI)
  • Vertical resolution < 0.01nm
  • Motorized 150mm x 150mm XY sample positioning, programmable and automatable
  • Height measuring range: 0 – 10 mm
Wet bench
Arias wet bench

The cleanroom has state-of-the-art process wet benches from Arias, equipped with spin-coaters, hotplates, ultrasonic baths, furnaces, etc. The main areas of application of our wet benches are the pre-prepartion of our samples for the structuring in the cleanroom. The basic frames of the wet benches are made of PP solid material in robust welded design and allowed the equipment to be put together individually for our tasks in advance. To achieve an optimum efficiency, the processing equipment is usually fitted side by side in the benches.
During operations, efficiency and safety of our wet benches are also to the fore. All harmful gases and vapours are collected through the indiscernible suction including a ISO 5 laminar air flow to protect the samples and then ducted outside through an exhaust air system.


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